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Some easy to follow videos on how to get the most out of rooms-a-gogo!

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Geo Location and Cookies

This video deals with the first time you visit rooms-a-gogo. Geo Location allows us to see roughly where you are in the country allowing us to prime the property map roughly on your current location. Cookies are small bits of storage we need to make the rooms-a-gogo website work.

Help & Advice

Rooms-a-gogo has in-depth coverage of all the icons used within the site. We also offer email and telephone support and advanced Landlord training upon request.

Placing a Quick Ad

As a busy Landlord, you'll want to be able to place an advert with rooms-a-gogo in the shortest possible time. We've listened, and made the process really quick and easy. This video takes you from zero to hero in minutes.

Becoming a Tenant

Looking for your first property on rooms-a-gogo is a breeze. This video takes you through the basics of finding a new home and then getting in touch with the Landlord.

Finding Tenants

Pro-active Landlords will love this video. We show you how easy it is to search rooms-a-gogo for that perfect tenant. From whitling down the list, to sending propsective tenants a private message.

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