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About Us

What do rooms-a-gogo do?

rooms-a-gogo is an on-line hub that allows tenants to search for properties they are interested in using a simple map and then to make direct contact with the landlords or owners of that property to arrange to see it. The rooms-a-gogo website also allows landlords to find tenants on the site and to make direct contact with the tenant to arrange a visit to their property. No need to use an agent – its quick, easy and simple to use. As a tenant even, if you do not see the property you are looking for on the rooms-a-gogo website you can still register for free then as soon as any property gets put onto the site in the area you want your details are sent instantly to the landlord giving you an instant advantage to get a priority viewing.


Why did we set up rooms-a-gogo?

We have been Landlords for over 19 years, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience, having built up a large portfolio of properties in the North West of England. As Landlords, we initially used a letting agent, but quickly realised that we could do a better job ourselves when our agent said to us, "Y'know... it's us against the tenants!".


Is there an alternative to letting agents?

Letting agents can be expensive, both for the Landlord and for the Tenant. Letting agents are not really on anyone's side but often take fees from both, and can be a frustrating barrier between the Landlord and the Tenant. rooms-a-gogo provides access direct to the landlord, no need for any agent.


Our Goals

We want happy Tenants, happy Landlords and a long term relationship with the best service. We never forget that the Tenant is the business, not the properties themselves.


Onwards and upwards

We let our own properties, partnered with other Landlords, guided new Landlords and became accredited and licensed. This led us to develop the website you see before you. The accumulation of all our knowledge and expertise in one place, along with the best site to marry up eager Tenants with professional Landlords.


Will rooms-a-gogo meet my requirements?

Yes! Whether you are a professional Landlord, a remote Landlord, an accidental Landlord(!) or you have a portfolio of properties, rooms-a-gogo is for you... even if you only have ONE property. As a tenant you are equally well served, whether you are a professional, a student, DSS or a short term tenant, you will find your new home on rooms-a-gogo.



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