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FAQ & Help!

This page should help with most things, but if not we'll happily answer your queries here.

YouTube Turotials

We've created Tutorial videos addressing most of the tasks you'll want to carry out at rooms-a-gogo...
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What do all these Icons do?

Click this icon to see your registration and membership details. Here you can change many aspects of your account including your name and contact details.
If you're registered as a Tenant this is also the area where you can specify all your requirements in terms of the type of properties you're interested in. It's a good idea to fill in a all the fields, as this will mean you'll get the most out of our website! If you need to remove your account for whatever reason, this is the place to go too...
Wherever you see the cloud on the map symbol, you'll be taken to our propery map if you click on it. Sometimes it'll simply take you to the map in general, starting off where we think you live (or thereabouts - it's not an exact science just yet! ) or if you're looking at a specific property, we'll take you to the location of that property.
As a Tenant you'll most likely see this icon in the sidebar when you're viewing a property's full details. You will also see a smaller version within a property listing. Click on it to contact the Landlord and arrange a viewing.
Landlords - this is the button to press to add your first, or additional properties. One click takes you to a simple to complete form, where you can enter all the important information about your property. This is a two stage process where you first enter the address, and details of amenities followed by uploading your photographs. You do have the option of skipping photos, but it's advisable to have at least one. If this is your first property and you're not registered with rooms-a-gogo, well take this opportunity to take some details and set up your account.
Once you've added a property there will come a time when you'll want to amend the description, price and all the other facts associated with it. Maybe you want to add or replace your photos? This is the icon to press!
However, this is also the place to go if you want to make your property 'invisible' for a short time, while you do repairs or while it's occupied. Perhaps you want to book appointments in your calendar. You can do all this from the my properties page.
Once you've uploaded your property details, you might want to push things along by getting in touch with prospective tenants directly... clicking this icon allows you to search for tenants using specific search criteria and then contact them through the site.
Tenants... when you're looking for properties, you might come across a few that spark an interest. Rather than searching for them repeatedly, or writing them down, simply click on the heart icon in the main description and that property will get added to this page. Click here to see a summary of all the properties you've added.
As a tenant, you might have specific search criteria for specific areas. So, rather than type the locations in and tick all those boxes again, you can simply tick the Save Search? box on the map, and we'll collate them all on the page accessed by clicking this icon.
To keep you entertained, rooms-a-gogo developed an addictive game that you can play totally free of charge! The rules are simple; just click adjacent icons to swap them. Match at least 3 icons vertically or horizontally to remove them from the game and gain time. Keep going as long as you can... but watch that timer!
When you're adding a property, stage two of the process is adding up to 8 photos to your advert. Clicking this icon will bring up a file browser where you can select one or more photos (just hold down CTRL and click on each photo) to upload. You can also simply drag photos onto this icon, and it'll upload them too - clever stuff! If you select more than 8, it'll simply upload the first 8 and then move on from there.
Clicking this icon will allow you to send an email to another rooms-a-gogo member.
When you see this icon it means you're going to edit something. For instance, you might see this on your my properties page, so clicking it will allow you to change the content of your property advert.
These toggling icons are 'show my advert' and 'don't show my advert' respectively. This toggle will only affect your advert on rooms-a-gogo, it will not affect it's visibility on Zoopla & Prime Location.
This icon will take you to a calendar. It's main use is on the my properties page, where it takes you to a bookings calendar where you can keep track of all your viewing appointments.
Clicking this icon allows you to assign a rooms-a-gogo tenant to a particular property. Only one tenant can be assigned to each property, but one tenant can be assigned to multiple properties. Assigning them is a simple as typing in the email address associated with their rooms-a-gogo account. Once you've assigned them, you'll be able to message them directly from the website.
This icon takes you to your property advert, so you can see how it will look on our website. This icon will work whether your advert is set to visible or invisible, so you can tweak your advert before revealing it to the World.
This icon means remove or delete. You'll see it next to property listings, tenants and photos. In all cases, you'll get a pop-up warning as to what it's going to do before it does it...
This icon will reveal further information, or link you to another page or website for more in depth detail.
When you go to 'My Properties' and edit one of your property listings, you'll see a star hovering over one of your photos. The star indicates which photo will appear on the front page of the Rooms a GoGo website. You can drag this icon to any photo you have, then simply click the SAVE button to make it your preferred photo.
This is one for tenants... these are the my favourites page toggle icons. The red heart adds a favourite, the blue heart removes it.


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